cancer patient at home

Oncology Patient Assistance Fund — Helping Cancer Patients Focus on Their Health

Community brings our best for patients facing cancer. For some it starts with a 3D mammogram, the best technology available for early detection. For others it may be support from an MD Anderson Cancer Network® certified oncologist. And for many, it’s full survivorship support once they’ve become cancer-free.

But some of the most meaningful support is far more tangible. Launched in 2014 thanks to donors at The Giving Gig, Community Health Network Foundation’s annual fundraiser, the Oncology Patient Assistance Fund helps provide cancer patients in need with gift cards to overcome financial hurdles to their health.

The Gift of Focusing on Health

There are fewer diagnoses that are as complex as cancer. The care plan, the treatment and juggling appointments takes a lot out of a person, and that’s before considering the associated costs. Our oncology navigators help take stress out of the course of care — our assistance fund takes stress out of the costs.

The little things truly add up. Instead of worrying about how they can afford to fill up their gas tank, Community cancer patients can rely on the Oncology Patient Assistance Fund to help them get to their doctor’s appointment and back home.

Putting meals on the table is another daily stressor that can distract from cancer care. Gift cards help fill our patients’ shopping carts with nutritious food so they can stay in good health and never wonder where their next meal will come from.

More than anything, the assistance fund helps cancer patients just be people. It can help put gifts under the tree during the holidays or provide for their family’s other needs. People who face cancer at Community are more than patients. They're people with a fulfilling life to get back to, and we’re here to support them every step of the way.

With their basic needs met, Community cancer patients can focus on what truly matters: their journey to becoming cancer-free. If you’d like to support the Oncology Patient Assistance Fund, you can make a donation right here.