The Giving Gig

The Giving Gig 2019

THANK YOU! The support of more than 1,000 generous donors and tens of sponsors helped to raise more than $2.19 million for Community Health Network’s expanded Oncology Patient Assistance Fund, which helps cancer patients in financial need access healthy food, transportation to treatment, life-saving medicine and more. On behalf of every cancer fighter this Fund supports, we offer our deepest thanks.

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The Giving Gig has quickly grown to be one of Indianapolis’ top fundraising events, annually uniting 1,000 donors who care about Community Health Network’s patients and their families. The Giving Gig isn't your average fundraiser because we make it an over-the-top fun-raiser. From the best in food and drinks to a must-see musical masterpiece, it’s the event of the year.

For event questions please call 317-355-GIVE.

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