Mables Ride Transportation for Patients to Access Care

Counsel and Care in Motion on the East Side

Indianapolis’ east side is near and dear to our hearts. It’s where Community got its start, and it’s where we find some of the greatest needs to meet in our community.

Through outreach programs, we can extend care into the neighborhoods we serve and tend to the complete picture of health on the east side.

Mabel’s Ride

When you’re diagnosed with a serious health concern, it should never feel like a challenge to get the care you need. But for many of our neighbors, even getting to their doctor’s appointment can be a hurdle.

Many Community patients are eligible for transportation assistance in the form of bus passes and gift cards for gas. Community Hospital East and a generous donor to Community Health Network Foundation saw a greater need for a more direct form of help unique to our east side community.

With a goal to improve patient health outcomes by eliminating transportation-related barriers to care, we’re proud to offer Mabel’s Ride: a three-vehicle fleet that picks up patients right at their door, and takes them directly to their healthcare provider or pharmacy of choice.

Mabel’s Ride doesn’t take the place of an ambulance for emergent care, but it does take the stress out of arranging transportation for many qualified patients. If you meet certain criteria, including facing congestive heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or any type of cancer, our drivers are ready and eager to help you get to the care you need close to home. 

Learn more by watching the video below:

Medical Legal Partnership

It’s surprising how quickly a legal matter can impact a person’s well-being. A missed payment becomes a late fee, which takes money away from the monthly grocery budget. A roommate breaks the lease, effectively doubling the remaining tenant’s rent and stress levels.

Patients who are facing treatment or recovery shouldn’t have to face legal challenges alone. That’s why Community Hospital East and Community Hospital South stand by them with our Medical Legal Partnership.

Created in partnership with Indiana Legal Services, Inc., the Medical Legal Partnership assists with health-harming legal needs, such as access to clean, safe housing and income maintenance. With a referral from a Community provider, patients are partnered with an attorney for free, civil legal assistance.

Together, our legal partners can paint a more complete picture of the patient’s health based on legal circumstances they may find themselves in. Are they safe at home? Can they afford rent? Are there any public benefits they may qualify for?

Along with education, employment and safety, getting to the bottom of these factors can ultimately improve a person’s well-being and reduce their reliance on medical care for better health.

Wherever there are barriers to care, hospitals have a responsibility to bridge the gap where they can, including referrals to other community resources. With legal and transportation assistance, we can serve our community by putting better health in reach.