Hospital List of Standard Charges

In compliance with federal law, Community Health Network provides a list of standard charges and charges grouped by DRG (Diagnosis Related Group). However, it is important to understand that list charges and charges grouped by DRG are not equivalent to the actual amount paid by governmental or commercial insurance companies and each patient’s financial responsibility may vary. The amount a patient pays is based on many factors including health insurance, benefit plan design, other applicable discounts as well as the services provided to the patient based on their unique needs.

To help take confusion out of the process, we encourage you to contact our Pricing Support Center at 844-786-9503 (toll free) or 317-355-9279 Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. where Pricing Analysts are available to answer questions and to provide you with an estimate of your financial obligation. You can also initiate your request by completing our online estimate request form


Please acknowledge and accept the following before viewing the "List of Standard Charges".

  • I understand that the "List of Standard Charges" includes hospital services only and does not include professional fees for Community Health Network employed or non-employed physicians or other advanced practitioners.
  • I understand that single line item charges may not represent a complete medical service; in general, multiple charge line items are necessary to represent all components of a service (e.g., procedure(s), supplies, drugs).
  • I understand that the contents of "List of Standard Charges" and "DRG" are not intended for media use.
  • I understand that Community Health Network can provide me with an estimate of my financial obligation. To get an estimate, I may call the Pricing Support Center at 844-786-9503 (toll-free) or 317-355-9279 Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and speak with a pricing analyst.
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