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Gratitude, Generosity and Community Connections

Community’s mission is to enhance health and well-being, and the strategies of the organization revolve around that commitment to our communities. Beyond providing healthcare for those who are sick or injured, enhancing well-being also means giving back to the community in many ways—such as generously supporting workforce development and economic development, sending caregivers into schools, and addressing social needs that impact health, from food insecurity to educational issues.

Our caregivers give back through our Serve360° volunteer initiative. And many of the ways we support our community are part of what’s known as our not-for-profit “community benefit.” We work closely with schools, community centers, places of worship, senior centers, local governments and others with firsthand knowledge of community needs, providing support in ways that expand their capabilities and maximize our collective impact.

Our three foundations are also central to our community connections. They generate funding through donations and grants that help to drive our strategic organizational outcomes—and in doing so, they support our mission. Together, Community Health Network Foundation, Community Hospital Anderson Foundation and Community Howard Regional Health Foundation have used funds totaling as much as $5.5 million annually for a variety of purposes that align with our mission and objectives.

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Learn about our Foundations and the ways you can lend a hand below.

Community Howard Regional Health Foundation

3548 South Lafountain Street
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How to Contribute

Whether donating, advocating or sharing your story, your support can help to make a real difference in the lives of our patients. Please feel free to contact one of our foundations today to discuss further!

Community Health Network Foundation
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Community Howard Regional Health Foundation
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Community Hospital Anderson Foundation
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