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Are You Giving More Than You Take?

You probably give more of yourself to others than you realize. On any given day you probably give most of your time to co-workers, friends and family. You might do something as small as giving your kids the TV for the evening, or make a larger gesture like giving your full attention to your partner when they’ve had a rough day.

We’re built to give to others. But we’re also conditioned to think that doing things for ourselves is selfish. The truth is that’s okay! It’s perfectly healthy to make sure you’re getting back as much as you give — and it’s a vital part of self-care.

Learn to Take a Little

It can be hard to quiet the voice in your head telling you that it’s selfish to take. Thankfully, there are a lot of small, healthy ways for you to care for yourself that don’t feel like grand gestures. Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

  • Take a night off. It’s okay to skip out on social events to recharge. Your friends will understand!
  • Take a breather. You work hard, and you deserve some personal time away from work to avoid burnout.
  • Take a shopping trip. It’s okay to spend money on non-essentials every once in a while. Treat yourself!
  • Take a coffee break. Walk to a café, buy yourself a warm drink and just relax for a while.

Self-Care Is What You Make It

If you look at photos on the internet, most self-care starts to look the same. Bath bombs and skin care are definitely part of a healthy routine, but your self-care might look completely different. It might even change depending on what kind of week you’ve had.

For example, if you've been cooped up all week then it might do you some good to meet up with friends for dinner and a drink. On the other hand, if you’ve been at a work conference surrounded by people, self-care might be staying in and binging a new show.

Healthcare Is Self-Care

Self-care is so important for your mental health, but checking in on your physical health is just as important to your routine. If you have a primary care provider then you’re already making your health a priority at least once a year. Here are some more ways you can make physical health part of your self-care routine.

Men — Check-ups are important at every age. A quick visit with a Community caregiver can pave the way for your continued health, no matter how old you are. Preventive screenings can catch health issues before they become a problem, so you can feel better than “fine” — you can feel great.

Women — Yearly wellness visits are the best way to care for your overall health. Your heart, breast and reproductive health are our priority at Community, no matter what stage of life you’re in. Schedule your appointment and cross screenings off your list.

You can also take a health risk assessment. These are quick quizzes that help you understand your risk for different health conditions — like joint pain, heart disease or cancer. Once you answer a few questions, you’ll get a personalized plan for health that works for your lifestyle. Try one out right now!

Self-care becomes so much easier when you strike a healthy balance between giving and taking. Try putting these ideas into practice, and make yourself a priority.