Health Risk Assessments

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Learn your risk. Be informed.

With our free health risk assessments, you can take control of your health. Take a few minutes to understand your health risks and symptoms. You'll receive a personalized summary report of risk factors, with tips and actionable next steps. If you're at risk, we can connect you to Community providers for follow-up.

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Breast Cancer

Learn your 5-year and lifetime risk of breast cancer.

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Colon Cancer

Learn when you should be tested for colorectal cancer.

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Knee and Hip

Assess joint functioning and quantify how joint pain affects quality of life.

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Heart Health

Estimate your risk of heart and blood vessel disease. Learn your "heart age" and find out which behaviors may keep your heart healthy.

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Lung Cancer

Identify your lung cancer risk factors and learn if a lung cancer screening is recommended for you.

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Weight Loss

Identify your weight-related health problems, and discover if you may be a candidate for weight-loss surgery.

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