Woman holding a mug

Happiness Is a Warm Mug

Drinking warm beverages is a ritual that many of us enjoy every day. A hot cup of coffee to start your day, a steaming mug of tea over a break from work or a warm glass of milk just before bed—hot drinks have the ability to enhance our days in so many ways.

Grab a mug and settle in to learn about some benefits of drinking hot beverages that you may not have considered.

Take it easy

By nature, hot beverages require you to slow things down. If you sip too soon you’ll burn your tongue. Waiting for your drink to cool down lets your mind relax, and by the time it gets to the right temperature you can get back to the task at hand with renewed focus.

Hot beverages can even help you relax. When hot liquids enter your body, they expand your blood vessels and improve circulation. Increased blood flow is linked to muscle relaxation.

Therefore, drinking a hot cup of your favorite drink can have a very real effect on your ability to take it easy.

Get cozy

If you’ve been on Pinterest or Instagram recently, you’ve probably heard about the Scandinavian concept of hygge (pronounced “hue-guh”). It’s a Danish word that translates to “wellbeing,” and most often refers to creating a warm, cozy environment both physically and socially.

It should come as no surprise that hot drinks are a great thing to have on hand to get nice and cozy. A study from the University of Colorado Boulder showed that people holding hot cups of coffee felt “warmer” toward other people than those holding cold cups.

The next time you’re at a social gathering, a pot of hot coffee might be all it takes to lighten the mood!

Get healthy

Whether it’s steeping tea or brewing coffee grounds, most cozy beverages are made almost entirely of hot water. That alone is enough to provide health benefits, since proper hydration is key to so many of our bodies’ functions.

Staying hydrated keeps your brain sharp and your body in peak form. Water of any temperature assists the kidney in removing toxins, but hot water specifically has benefits of its own. The high temperature helps break down food better than cold water. So, your digestion is getting a boost whenever you sip from your favorite mug.


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