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Men's Health Screenings

For every excuse of "I feel fine," Community Health Network says, "You could feel better." You know what feels great? Peace of mind.

Replace "I'm too busy," with "You have a clean bill of health. See you next year." Turn "Oh, it's nothing," into "We were able to prevent it from developing." Change "It'll go away on its own," to "Good news. We caught it early."

People who get routine check-ups are more likely to identify risks for disease and take preventive measures to live a fuller, healthier life. Gentlemen, what are you waiting for?

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Don't Put it Off

Lamont says it best: "If you haven't had a screening, get over the phobia. The success rates are phenomenal with early detection."

Health screenings lead to early detection.  Early detection leads to more successful treatment. Take the next step for prevention.

Click on the screenings below to explore the best screenings for different stages of a man's life.

Screenings Save Lives

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Prostate Screening
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Lung Screening
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Head & Neck Screening
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Skin Screening
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Testicular Screening
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Health Screenings for Men

Defend yourself from preventable diseases and illnesses by maintaining a healthy lifestyle built around eating a well-balanced diet, avoiding smoking, exercising regularly and reducing stress.

Also, preventive health screenings are an important part of a healthy lifestyle. They promote early detection of illness and disease when it may be the most treatable. The screening guidelines listed here provide good talking points for your next doctor’s appointment. With your participation, your physician is the best source for determining the preventive screening plan that makes the most sense for your personal health risks and medical history.

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Know Your Health Stats

Some medical conditions such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer's disease are hereditary, which means they can be passed down from family members. Knowing your family medical history is key to helping you and your doctor create a preventive health plan that’s right for you. Your doctor benefits from knowing your full medical history when:

  • Diagnosing a medical condition.
  • Calculating your risk for certain diseases, and helping you make lifestyle changes to lower your risk.
  • Determining what medical tests or screenings are appropriate for you, and when you should have them performed.