Clinical Sites

Community Hospital North

Community Hospital North serves as the site for multiple rotations, including emergency medicine, neurology, consultation liaison psychiatry, inpatient psychiatry, inpatient child and adolescent psychiatry, and emergency psychiatry.

Behavioral Health Pavilion

Residents have adult and child and adolescent psychiatry rotations at the Behavioral Health Pavilion on the Community Hospital North campus. The Behavioral Health Pavilion is a full-service, 122-bed inpatient behavioral health hospital and has nine units which offer unique programming to fit the needs of our patients. Two separate units for children and adolescents are dedicated to treating youth ages 5 – 18. Specialized units offer treatment focusing on mood disorders (depression and anxiety issues), serious mental illness, integrated recovery (co-occurring addiction and mental health disorders), as well as a psychiatric intensive care unit for consumers who need a highly-controlled and monitored setting to ensure safety. Seasons is our older adult unit for those experiencing significant behavioral changes resulting from medications, life events, and new or progressing psychiatric conditions. The inpatient experiences focus on the thorough evaluation and stabilization of an acute episode with follow-up care arranged in the community. Residents are supervised by board-certified psychiatrists and will engage with multidisciplinary staff members in the treatment of patients.

Crisis Intervention Unit

The Crisis Intervention Unit located in the Behavioral Health Pavilion at Community Hospital North is the site for our emergency psychiatry rotation. The Crisis Intervention Unit is operational 24 hours per day/7 days a week, providing behavioral healthcare to individuals experiencing a mental health crisis. It serves as the point of access for telephone inquiries, walk-in assessments, referrals from various emergency departments, law enforcement, referrals from other behavioral health or healthcare professionals, or scheduled in-person crisis assessments. Residents garner experience to facilitate admissions to the Behavioral Health Pavilion and, as needed, make referrals to outpatient providers and social service agencies.

Gallahue Mental Health Center

Five of Gallahue Behavioral Health Service’s multiple regional locations will serve as required clinical rotation sites:

  1. Gallahue Hillsdale (Partial Hospitalization Program/Intensive Outpatient Program rotation and outpatient psychiatry clinic)
  2. Community Support Services (community psychiatry rotation)
  3. Southpointe Clinic (outpatient child and adolescent rotation)
  4. Community Howard Mental Health Center
  5. School-Based Services (outpatient child and adolescent rotation)
Gallahue Mental Health Services Hillsdale

The Gallahue Mental Health Services Hillsdale office will serve as the site for the PHP/IOP rotation and the outpatient resident continuity clinic. The site offers treatment to patients spanning the life cycle, from children to seniors, with the majority of patients being between 25-50 years old. A full spectrum of psychiatric diagnoses is represented with a predominance of affective disorders, anxiety disorders, personality disorders and adjustment disorders. Under faculty supervision, residents will provide both brief and long-term care for patients, utilizing multiple treatment modalities that emphasize developmental, biological, psychological and social approaches to outpatient treatment.

Community Support Services

At our primary community health outpatient clinic, Community Support Services, the patient population is restricted to seriously and persistently mentally ill individuals with primary psychotic disorders, unremitting mood disorders or severe personality disorders. The multidisciplinary staff (social workers, therapists, APRNs) offers extensive out-reach services (i.e., ADL training, psychosocial rehabilitation, individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, supportive employment, assertive case management).


Southpointe is a site for our outpatient child and adolescent rotation. Located near the Community Hospital South campus, Southpointe provides mental health services for children, adolescents and adults, with both medication management and therapy. Residents will have the opportunity to work in a multidisciplinary environment with a psychiatrist, social workers and therapists as well as be involved with interdisciplinary staffing.

Other Sites

Other rotation sites include Witham Health Services (geriatric psychiatry), Fairbanks (addictions psychiatry), IN Department of Correction - Pendleton Correctional Facility, private practices (geriatric psychiatry outpatient, forensic psychiatry, neurology outpatient), Community Heart and Vascular Hospital (consultation liaison), Community Hospital East (consultation liaison, inpatient medicine) and Community Hospital South (inpatient medicine).