Adult Services

Community offers the complete realm of behavioral care for adults - from inpatient and partial hospitalization options to outpatient treatment and senior adult care - to treat those with addiction or other mental health issues.

Find Locations for Behavioral Care


Located on the campus of Community North, the Behavioral Health Pavilion is a full-service 122-bed inpatient hospital, with nine different units. Three separate units are designated to treat youth ages 5-18. The pavilion has specialized units for mood disorders (depression and anxiety issues), units that focus on those with serious mental illness, and a psychiatric ICU for those who need intensive psychiatric treatment in a highly-controlled and monitored setting.

Our psychiatrist leads a multidisciplinary team, comprised of registered nurses, advanced practice nurses, mental health clinicians, social workers, activity therapists, chaplains and pharmacists. The team works together to coordinate a plan for each patient that involves individual, group or family therapy.

The crisis stabilization program offers therapeutic groups that focus on developing stress management and problem solving skills, psycho-education and self-management, as well as education on co-occurring substance use and mental health disorders.

Partial Hospitalization/Extensive Outpatient

As an alternative or follow-up to inpatient services, partial hospitalization provides daily group therapy throughout the week. For adults dealing with intense depression or anxiety disorders, partial hospitalization allows living at home and possibly continuing to work. Group therapy sessions focus on building skills in coping, communication and assertiveness. Psychiatric consultation and medication management are also part of the program.

The program includes:

  • Group psychotherapy, group psycho-education, family therapy and medication assessments for patients dealing with emotional disorders that do not require inpatient treatment.
  • Therapy patients are scheduled three to six hours per day, three to five days per week, with day or evening appointments available.


Adult outpatient services are available at all of our behavioral care clinics located in Marion, Hancock, Shelby, Madison and Howard Counties. The programs offer individual, group or family therapy for issues like depression, anxiety, stress or anger management, substance abuse or gambling addiction. Led by psychiatrists, the care is provided by a multidisciplinary team of psychologists, advanced practice nurses, licensed clinical social workers, therapists and counselors.

Specialized outpatient services are available for those with serious mental illness like schizophrenia or other psychotic or mood disorders that limit a person's ability to function. The care focuses on medication education and management, daily living activities, clinical case management and individual and group therapy.


Senior adults are often experiencing a transitional period of life, with new health concerns and medications, as well as employment or family changes. These life issues can often cause or exacerbate mental illness. 

Seasons was designed to care for patients age 65 and older. Geriatric care professionals work collaboratively to design an individualized treatment plan for each patient, aimed at stabilizing them and helping them return to their regular environment as soon as possible.

Treatment at Seasons includes individual and group psychotherapy, medication management, family counseling and education, physical and recreational therapy, and more. Additionally, the secure environment at Seasons is designed for safety of patients at all acuity levels.

Seasons is located on the Community Hospital North campus.