Prescription Delivery & Management

Community Health Network Specialty Pharmacy makes it as convenient as possible to fill, refill and get the medications and supplies you need, when you need them.* We coordinate delivery of your specialty medications to your home or an approved alternate location. We will also include any necessary supplies, such as needles, syringes and alcohol swabs. If your medications require special handling or refrigeration, cold chain, they will be packaged and shipped accordingly.

Some medications may require a signature for proof of delivery. If you cannot be there to accept the package, in many cases, we can arrange for it to be left either at your home or at an approved alternate location. Community Health Network Specialty Pharmacy will make every effort to deliver your supplies early if a weather warning is in place. A Community Health Network Specialty Pharmacy representative will attempt to call our patients, in order of disaster priority, with any special instructions. Please make sure we have your secondary contact information on file to ensure there is no lapse in therapy.

    In the event that a delivery has been delayed, be assured that we will track your package and monitor its progress. You will be notified of any anticipated delays, and if necessary, courier service will be dispatched with your medication to make sure that you will not miss any doses. Our patients may call 833-636-6392 (toll free) at any time during business hours to speak with a representative if there is a delivery concern. Patients may also call the after-hours number (317-621-3100) and ask for the specialty pharmacist on call.

      *We seek to provide service to all Community Health Network patients. However, licensure restrictions limit mail order service to residents of Indiana only.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Drug Claims
      Community Health Network Specialty Pharmacy will bill your insurance company for you. However, you may still have to pay a portion of the cost, which is called a copayment. You will be responsible for paying your copayment when you order your medication or refills. We will tell you the exact amount you need to pay.

      Outstanding Balances
      If for any reason you owe a balance, the balance will need to be paid before your next refill. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards. We also accept cash, personal checks, money orders and most flexible spending accounts.

      Payment Plans
      If you need help in arranging a payment plan for a balance owed, we will be happy to help you set up a payment plan. Please call us and advise us of your situation.

      Your Choice: Pick-Up or Delivery
      While Community Health Network Specialty Pharmacy isn’t a neighborhood pharmacy you can walk into, we can have your specialty medication available for pick-up at our location or your physician’s office, or we can deliver directly to your home or temporary care location. Contact your care team at the number on your prescription label to select pick-up or delivery.

      Delivery Days
      Regular delivery is Monday through Saturday. Some shipments sent by mail may arrive on Saturday. Orders that need to be refrigerated arrive Tuesday through Friday. Emergency shipments for offices, hospital and facilities are completed through courier services and are coordinated with caregivers and other administrative support professionals.

      Community Specialty Pharmacy offers same-day and next-day services, unlike larger national specialty pharmacies that deliver medications 5-10 days after the order is placed. Our concierge services are customized to our patient needs, patient network, physician network and geographic area.

      Delivery Tracking
      You can track your order through our designated care team and UPS tracking number that is assigned to every prescription.

      Delivery to Remote Areas
      In remote areas, deliveries may be as late as 7:30 p.m. (Saturday delivery may not be available.) Check with your care team when placing your order. We’re happy to make different arrangements if needed.

      Late or Missing Deliveries
      Ensuring that you have your medication when you need it is our top priority. If for some reason you don’t receive your order on schedule, please call us as soon as possible to avoid missing a dose.

      Receiving Your Shipment
      In some cases, packages will require a signature (e.g., if you have certain Medicare and Medicaid insurance plans). If your package requires a signature and you or someone you trust isn’t available, we can arrange a different delivery time or location, such as pickup at the Specialty Pharmacy.

      Change of Address
      Please tell your care team if your address, phone number or delivery preference changes.

      If you’re on vacation or away from home for an extended period, you can arrange delivery to your current location or a nearby Community Health Specialty Pharmacy. Contact your care team or simply change your delivery location.

      Emergency Refills
      Occasionally, you may need an emergency prescription or refill. Just call the phone number on your prescription label or 833-636-6392. 

      If you need to leave your home because of an emergency:

      • Take enough medication and supplies with you to last through the emergency.
      • If you use an infusion pump or other device, be sure to take it with you.
      • For medication that needs to be kept cool, fill an ice chest with ice to store your medication.
      • When you can, call your care team to let us know how you are and where we can reach you during the emergency.

      Medications Not Available at Community Specialty Pharmacy (Pharmacy Partners)
      If you cannot obtain a medication at Community Health Network Specialty Pharmacy, your specialty pharmacy technician or pharmacy care coordinator will work with you and an approved contract pharmacy location associated with Community Health Network to ensure you receive your drug. If you want your prescription transferred to another pharmacy, please contact your specialty pharmacy technician and we will transfer your prescription on your behalf and guide you on this transition. Approved pharmacy partners that, with our approval, may also fill a prescription include:

      • Walgreens - Community Health Network preferred pharmacy partner
      • CVS
      • Express Scripts Specialty Pharmacy (Accredo)

      At Community Health Network Specialty Pharmacy, we hold information about your health in the strictest confidence. That’s why we ship your orders in secure, nondescript packaging to ensure quality and privacy. And we are trained to protect your privacy. Read our Notice of Privacy Practices.

      Medication Storage and Disposal

      It’s important that you and your caregivers handle your medications and supplies safely to stay as healthy as possible.

      Medication Storage

      For you and your household’s safety, remember to:

      • Keep all medications and supplies out of the reach of children and pets.
      • Avoid having your medications and supplies around household or food items.
      • If your medication needs to be kept in the refrigerator, put it on a clean shelf or drawer.

      Waste Disposal

      Safely dispose of any medical waste. This includes needles, bandages, surgical tools and glassware.

      • Do not recap needles after injections.
      • Keep a rigid, puncture-proof, leak-proof container close by for easy disposal of syringes and needles.
      • Store the container upright and keep out of reach of children.
      • When the container is full, seal lid with tape or glue.
      • Dispose of the full container according to local laws.

      Please do not send the container back to Community Health Network Specialty Pharmacy. To dispose of the container the right way, follow your county or city regulations. If you need more information on how to dispose of medical waste in your area, contact your local Department of Public Health agency.

      Community Health Network offers medication take-back events throughout the year at facilities in Indianapolis and Kokomo. Check our Health Minute blog for more safe medication disposal tips and upcoming take-back events.