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CHOICE: Pregnancy and Substance Use Disorder Program

Community Hospital East is proud to offer the CHOICE (Change, Hope, Overcome, Inspire, Compassion, Educate) program to pregnant women struggling with substance use disorders. This program is designed to help each patient get into a treatment program that works for her and to support her on the path to recovery. Resources available to patients include medical care, medications, therapy, and community-based assistance options. All aspects of treatment are offered in a non-judgmental and compassionate environment, from the medical office to the labor and delivery unit. The CHOICE program is covered by most pregnancy-related insurance, including Medicaid. Assistance with obtaining insurance can be provided, if necessary.

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At the CHOICE program we strive to see patients as quickly as possible. Please call our office to schedule an appointment or have a phone consultation. Same-day appointments may be available and no referrals are needed. Pregnant women, or their families, seeking more information can call our office anonymously.

East: 317-355-3090 | Anderson: 765-298-4282 | Kokomo: 765-776-5600

8 a.m. to 5 p.m. - Monday through Friday

Real Stories of Recovery

Watch the video to learn how the CHOICE program serves pregnant moms who struggle with substance use disorder. Listen as patients Danielle and Kati tell their stories of recovery and hope.

CHOICE Care Team

Community Hospital East is a Center of Excellence in the care of mothers and babies that have been affected by substance use disorder. With the CHOICE program, pregnant women have an entire team supporting their health and the health of their baby. All of our providers are specially trained to care for CHOICE patients and help them achieve success.

  • Dr. Anthony Sanders, OB/GYN, and Brooke Schaefer, Nurse Practitioner, lead the program and are trained to address the unique needs of CHOICE patients. They are licensed to prescribe buprenorphine (subutex) for treatment of opioid use disorder.
  • Dr. Suyog Kamatkar is a newborn intensive care physician who specializes in the care of infants suffering from severe opioid withdrawal (Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome).
  • The labor and delivery unit at Community East offers a team of specially-trained nurses who work with the CHOICE care team to provide exceptional care. From detoxification to delivery, patients are treated with dignity and respect.

CHOICE is also proud to offer a social work team as an essential part of our program to help address each patient’s individual needs.

  • Care coordinators are located in each office. They can connect pregnant women with community resources and services to help them on their journey toward a healthy and independent life.
  • Labor and delivery unit case managers are available upon admission to the hospital. They advocate for the patient and help them navigate the newborn time period.

Treatment Options

Each patient in CHOICE is unique and is provided with a treatment plan that supports her individual goals. Although inpatient rehab is not required, the CHOICE program works closely with area rehab facilities if inpatient rehab is an option the patient would like to use. If the patient already has an OB/GYN and wishes to keep that provider, we are happy to work with her OB/GYN team to help manage her substance use disorder.

The CHOICE program strongly encourages therapy as an important part of treatment for substance use disorder. One therapy option available to patients is a group-based program called MOMentum. MOMentum is a program for pregnant, or recently delivered, women that helps them work through the unique concerns of women struggling with substance use disorder.

Privacy and Freedom

The CHOICE program is a safe place for women who are looking for help. We respect the privacy of all patients and treat them with compassion and empathy. Personal health information is always kept private and stays between the patient, their provider and the care team.

Patients in the CHOICE program join voluntarily and may leave the program at any time. Patients are always allowed access to their phone and are free to leave the office or unit if they choose to.

Contact CHOICE

If you or a loved one is struggling with substance use disorder in pregnancy, please call us at 317-355-3090 to learn more about the CHOICE program at Community Hospital East. Patients near Community Hospital Anderson may call 765-298-4282.


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Medically-Assisted Treatment

Providers licensed to prescribe buprenorphine for treatment of opioid use disorder.

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Healthier Babies

Reduce the symptoms of Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome.

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Care Coordinators

Connect patients with community-based programs for future health.