Informed Participation

There are many ways that we will ask you to help us meet your health needs. We will need:

  • Your complete health history
  • To know your current symptoms
  • Your input as we develop your plan of care

You will be informed of the benefits as well as any risks of the treatment you will receive. In some special cases, a staff member might ask if you would like to be a part of a medical research study. It’s your choice to be involved or not. There will be many ways that you can help with your health care.

You may refuse treatment at any time during your care. Your health care provider will tell you what the health-related outcomes of your refusal might be. The responsibility for the outcomes due to your decision would, of course, be yours.

As part of your care, we may want to refer you to another facility for care we do not provide, or you may want information about a referral to another service or care provider. Please ask if you need more information about your care. If you are not satisfied with your options for treatment, we will respect your wish for a second opinion.

If you have questions about your health records, we will ask your physician to discuss these with you. If you want to learn more about your care or your caregivers, please ask. Our financial advisors will answer your questions about your bill. Please take responsibility to pay your bill.