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If you would like to apply for medical staff privileges at Community hospitals and surgery centers, please start by submitting our online application form. The medical staff office will then be in touch with you.

Welcome to the Community Health Network Medical Staff Office website. Here, you can verify provider credentials, apply for medical staff privileges, and access our online medical staff roster, policies and procedures, bylaws, current medical staff officers, and other information.

For general questions about credentialing, verification and more, e-mail, call 317-355-5322 or fax 317-351-4943.

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Use to search for physicians for referral or contact by physician last name, specialty or market. Searches provide immediate results and contain the most up-to-date physician contact information.


Provider Verification

We provide primary source verification to other hospitals, health care organizations and credentialing agents. For verification services, please use the form below.

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For verification questions, contact the Medical Staff Office at or 317-355-5322.


Click below to read medical staff bylaws and rules and regulations for Community hospitals.

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Policies and Procedures

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