Medical Staff Officers

Community Health Network's elected medical staff officers for Community Hospitals East and North assumed their official duties on March 1, 2018. Each serves a two-year term.

Community Hospitals East and North

2018-2020 CHE/CHN medical department leadership (PDF)

Chief of Staff
Kevin Trappe, MD
Kevin Trappe, MD, Chief of Staff


Vice Chief of Staff
Jim Bognanno, MD
Jim Bognanno, MD, Vice Chief of Staff


Shekar Narayanan, MD
Shekar Narayanan, MD, Secretary/Treasurer

Community Hospital South

2016-2018 CHS officers and chairpeople (PDF)

Chief of StaffChad Strain, MD
Vice Chief of StaffBryan Benedict, MD
Secretary/Treasurer Sheryl King, MD

Community Hospital Anderson

2016-2017 CHA officers (PDF)

President of Medical Staff – Thomas Short, MD
Vice-President of Staff – James Callahan, MD
Chief of Staff – Stephen Wright, MD
Secretary/Treasurer – Kevin Burton, MD

Community Howard Regional Health

Chief of Staff
John Salter, MD
John Salter, MD, Vice Chief of Staff, Howard
  Vice Chief of Staff
Jennifer Labrie-Deem, MD
Jennifer LaBrie-Deem, MD
Surgery Department Chief
Blake Marti, MD
Blake Marti, MD, Surgery Dept Chief, Howard
  Medicine Department Chief
John Schiltz, MD
John Schiltz, MD