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Community’s Intimacy Clinic — Integrative Medicine For Your Whole Health

Your whole health as a woman matters. Community’s Intimacy Clinic is dedicated to helping you live the life you want, and giving you the full support you need to live it.

Get Back to Intimacy

Community’s Intimacy Clinic specializes in sexual health, both to help you feel more like yourself and to bring intimacy back to your relationship. Our caring staff can help address any changes in sexual health due to surgery, aging, and sexual trauma.

If you’re experiencing painful sex after menopause or struggling with intimacy after cancer treatment, the Intimacy Clinic can help. Available treatments include bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, pelvic floor physical therapy, and MonaLisa Touch laser therapy, a simple, 3-part procedure that restores tissue to rekindle the spark in your relationship. Integrative medicine practices are also available through the Intimacy Clinic to help address all of the factors that contribute to your health.

What is Integrative Medicine?

The best care goes beneath the surface. It should take into account your physical, emotional and spiritual health, too.

Integrative medicine, or integrative health, is a healing-oriented practice that takes into account the body, mind and spirit. It emphasizes the therapeutic relationship between patient and doctor, and makes use of all conventional and alternative therapies to fit your lifestyle.

Mental health is a vital part of integrative medicine, as well. To round out our full continuum of care, our clinical team calls in extra support from behavioral health consultants. Together, this approach can address mental and physical barriers to your quality of life, like anxiety, depression, adrenal fatigue and low testosterone in women.

Schedule Your Appointment

Our Intimacy Clinic is located at Ob/Gyn Care, Suite 350 at Community Health Pavilion Noblesville. Appointments currently take place on Friday mornings, and last around 50 minutes for a first-time visit or 30 minutes for a follow-up.

To schedule your appointment at the Intimacy Clinic, call 317-621-7120.

We’re taking every precaution for your health during your visit. See what measures we’re taking on our COVID-19 FAQ.