Little Free Library at Community Hospital North

Take a Break. Visit Our Little Free Library

Let’s face it, life has a tendency to become a little stressful. We often need to take a breath, step away, and gain a fresh perspective. This can especially be true for patients admitted to the hospital, or family members visiting a loved one. Reading books provides a mini escape from the stress and is an easy way to hit pause. Reading allows you to immerse yourself in a new place, with new characters that you can uniquely relate to.

We are thrilled to share that Community Cancer Center North now has a Little Free Library for all patients, visitors and staff.

Little Free Library at Community Cancer Center North

Breast cancer survivors, Yopi Kavlik and Leslie Beaverson, recognized this need and sprung into action. Yopi had seen Little Free Libraries at other locations, and Leslie was given books at valet and asked to pass along for patients. Yopi and Leslie believed that creating a Little Free Library would be a great addition, and worked closely with director Jim Hart to facilitate. The bookcase was built by Yopi Kavlik’s father, Howard, and is handicap accessible for ease of reach.

The Little Free Library is an exciting addition to the cancer center, and for the community. It houses books for all ages, and is available for all patients, visitors, friends, family and staff. The Little Free Library is one of the world’s largest book-sharing movements, building a sense of community through reading.

A Plethora of Books

Currently there are around 200 books stored and ready to swap in and out of the Little Free Library. Visitors, friends, family, caregivers and patients are encouraged to take a book or share a book. If there’s a book you find a connection with, keep it. If there’s a book you think someone else could benefit from, share it. There's no telling how these stories could make a difference to someone, depending on what they have going on in their life.

The Little Free Library at Community Cancer Center North is located just outside the FigLeaf Boutique. Please visit and remember to take a book, donate a book, and share with friends and family!