Funnel cake at the fair

5 Tips to Make the Fair Fun and Healthy

It's state and county fair season and, for many, that means indulging in corn dogs, cotton candy and funnel cakes.

Before digging into a deep fried delicacy, consider this; a single funnel cake has about 760 calories. Not to mention, that giant turkey leg you love has over 1,140 calories and a deep fried Snickers bar can pack up to 450 calories.

Here are some fairgoer tips to help you enjoy fair food without guilt or a stomachache.

Fairs are an excellent venue for walking. Skip the trolley and walk from one end of the fair to the other.

Drink water.
Alcohol, soda, slushies, and sugary lemonades are all standard fair libations. Try your best to stick to drinking water. Not only will it satisfy your thirst but fill you up so you’re less likely to make poor food choices.

Plan ahead.
Check out the list of vendors online before you hit the fair. This way, you can indulge in the extra calories where you really want to and not waste them on the first item you see.

Cut your calorie intake by sharing some of those cheese curds with a friend or family member. By divvying up your food, you'll be less likely to overindulge.

Find substitutions.
Instead of eating fries and a funnel cake, switch out one food item for a healthier option. Foods high in protein like chicken or steak kebabs will keep you fuller longer and roasted corn on the cob is a great lower-calorie treat.

It’s okay to treat yourself, but try to be conscious of what you’re eating and remember to practice moderation.