Senior woman taking medication at home

Tips to help you remember to take your medication

In Indiana, poor medication adherence costs $6.5 billion in avoidable healthcare and the lives of 3,750 Hoosiers annually. Our pharmacy experts suggest patients do the following to remember to take their medication:

  1. Keep medications near items that you use daily, like a toothbrush. That way, each time you go to brush your teeth, you make taking the medication a part of that routine. 
  2. Use a medication management app to provide daily text message reminders. 
  3. Ask your pharmacist for automatic refills and/or home delivery.
  4. Set an alarm. Set the alarm on your clock radio or cell phone as a reminder.
  5. Contact your physician or pharmacist if you believe your medication is not working or is causing side effects.
  6. Talk to your pharmacist or physician if you are having trouble paying for your medication. There are many programs that can help make your medication more affordable.

Family members can also play a positive role in helping their loved ones remember to take medication:

  • Use your own reminder apps or calendars to help loved ones stick to their medication schedule.
  • Understand how loved ones take their medications by learning where they place their medication and the time at which they take it.
  • Help them make it a habit.

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