Family cookout

Eat healthy at your next cookout

Headed to a summer cookout? You don't have to ditch your healthy eating habits to enjoy the festivities. 

  1. Don’t show up to the event starving. You’ll be more likely to overeat. 
  2. Don’t feel like you have to try a bite of everything. Go for your absolute favorites and skip the rest.
  3. Focus on filling at least half of your plate with fresh fruit and vegetables.
  4. Swap a white hamburger or hot dog bun for a whole-grain one. 
  5. Instead of eating a salad drenched in mayo, try one dressed in a vinaigrette. 
  6. Swap mayo on your sandwich for a low-calorie condiment, like mustard.
  7. Sit far away from the food while visiting with friends so you're not tempted to graze.
  8. Don’t mingle in the kitchen or by the buffet table.
  9. Go for a run or walk before attending a cookout.
  10. Don’t drink your calories – stick to water if you can. If you are drinking alcohol limit yourself to two drinks.