Ciara's Story

When a fever spikes or a knee suffers a scrape on the playground, Community’s nurses are there to provide exceptional care in the time of need.

Ciara Pino is one of those school nurses. Born at Community Hospital North and raised in Lawrence Township, Ciara is now giving back to her community through her work. She serves students at Forest Glen Elementary, and, while a typical day is full of bumps and bruises, upset stomachs and headaches, she is also able to offer care to children managing chronic diseases like asthma or diabetes.

Ciara is part of the school-based care provided by Community.

Every now and then, an accident will happen that makes her thankful for the great training she received at Community while in nursing school—like the day she helped a frightened student who had suffered a painful cut.

As she tended the wound, she realized the student would require stitches. Still, she was able to calm the child. It was a huge comfort, too—for the child and the parents—that Ciara is bilingual. Being fluent in Spanish and English helped bypass language barriers and expedite treatment.

This is but one of many examples of school-based care provided by Community. Yet this important work cannot happen without the support of those in our community.

Will you help support school-based care programs for children in our community?

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