Cancer Initiatives

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Patient Assistance Fund

Offers financial assistance to cancer patients fighting to overcome financial barriers to basic needs such as food, transportation and medicine.

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Integrative Oncology

Programs that help to heal and nurture the soul of cancer patients with art therapy, yoga, massage and more.

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Fertility Preservation

This program helps women of child-bearing age who undergo cancer treatment realize their dreams of having a family.

Supporting Oncology Programs

Community’s comprehensive, integrated oncology programs are providing compassionate and expert care to cancer fighters. Donors to the Foundation fund programs that help to alleviate the financial and emotional hardship that cancer can cause or exacerbate.

  • A National Cancer Institute study of projected medical costs in the U.S. shows a 27 percent increase in the associated medical costs of cancer care from 2010 to 2020.1 A cancer diagnosis, then, is a triple whammy – impacting patients emotionally, physically as well as financially, compounding challenges for those men and women already struggling to access basic needs. Community’s Oncology Patient Assistance Fund – supported in large part by donors at our annual event The Giving Gig – is there to help, offering $250 gift cards for food, medicine and transportation to cancer patients fighting to overcome financial challenges.
  • More than 25,000 women across Central Indiana comprise an underserved and high-risk population in need of mammogram screenings. Sadly, the uncertainty of being able to afford a follow-up visit if needed can be a deterrent to the screening in the first place. Thanks to the generosity of donors, free follow-up visits for irregular mammograms and breast health education and outreach programs are working to expand the accessibility of healthcare services for women who need them most.
  • For cancer patients hoping to have a family, the treatments intended to save their life can make conception more difficult in some cases, impossible in others or at the very least interfere with family planning timelines. Community’s Fertility Preservation Assistance Fund supports a pilot program that provides support to female cancer patients of childbearing age by supplementing fertility planning prior to cancer treatments for those unable to pay for the services in whole by themselves.
  • Nearly 80 percent of adults diagnosed with cancer use some form of complementary alternative medicine, according to the National Center for Health’s National Health Interview Survey.2 Donors to Community – including local business owner Tony Alderson – make possible an integrative oncology and survivorship pilot programs that heals and nurtures the soul with art therapy, yoga, tai chi, massage and more.

1. Associated costs include inpatient and outpatient charges, along with prescription drug prices. Mariotto, A. B., Yabroff, K. R., Shao, Y., Feuer, E. J., & Brown, M. L. (2011). Cancer care costs in the United States: Projections 2010-2020. JNCI Journal of the National Cancer Institute, 103(2). doi:10.1093/jnci/djr009
2. Deng, GE, et al. (2009, Summer). Evidence-based clinical practice guidelines for integrative oncology: Complementary therapies and botanicals. Journal of the Society for Integrative Oncology 7(3), 85-120

Patient Oncology Assistance Fund

Hear the stories of two patients who were helped by the Foundation's assistance vouchers during breast cancer treatment.

I was just blown away. I couldn't even explain how thankful I was. It was nice to take a little off my parents' plate because they were already going through a hard time.
I was interested in the voucher because I do have assistance. After I received the vouchers when I had gone into Kroger's, then I didn't worry about the price.

Cheryl's Story: Breast Cancer Twice

Community Howard Regional Health patient Cheryl has fought breast cancer twice. The first battle came in 2006. The next began in late 2015. She’s undergone surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, but cancer can’t break her spirit – especially with her faith and Community’s caregivers on her side.

Six months prior to her diagnosis, she had started a new job but was unable to work due to surgery, treatments and was at the time applying for disability. Her care team was able to help thanks to the Oncology Patient Assistance Fund, which is supported by donors to Community Health Network Foundation and offers cancer patients in need a $250 gift card that can be used for food, medicine or gas. Cheryl used the gift card to purchase groceries that would help her body fight back.

You can help support cancer patients throughout their journey.

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