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Screenings in Your 70s and Beyond

Every woman is unique—and so is your health history. Talk to your primary care doctor about the specific screenings that are right for you based on your lifestyle and family history.

We make it easy to start the conversation. Download a screenings checklist to take to your next doctor's appointment. Need to make an appointment? Call 317-621-2727.

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self-care is always in season

Self-Care Is Always In Season

Screenings and self-care are a natural fit, because screenings can keep you living your best life. Click on your decade and find an easy-to-use checklist you can take to your next doctor's appointment.

Most Common Screenings

Bones icon
Bone Density

Monitors your risk for osteoporosis

Mammogram icon

Catches potential cancer risks early

A1C test icon
A1C Test

Helps monitor your risk for diabetes

Colon icon
Colorectal Health

Checks your colon for potential cancer risks

Mental health icon
Mental Health

Ensures your mind and body are in tune

Reproductive health icon
Reproductive Health

Checks for cysts, STIs or cancer risks

Woman undergoing a dexa osteroporosis scan

My Screening Story

Only 20 percent of people with osteoporosis are diagnosed and treated. But, you don't have to be among that number. Talk to your doctor about a bone density screening. Early detection and early treatment will keep you moving pain-free.

A short, 30-minute scan will check your spine, hip and bones for strength and density.


Women's Health Screenings at Every Age