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Guided Imagery

Guided imagery is a relaxation technique that uses words and music to create relaxing or positive images and experiences to promote healing. A form of meditation, guided imagery takes advantage of all the senses and it is experienced throughout the body. Your body interprets these positive experiences as real, which can have a very real impact on your physical health.

Why Guided Imagery?

"It's an exercise to provide some relaxation, stress relief and sense of 'presentness'. When you have a good mix of staying in the present and preparing for the future, that’s healthy."
—Kimble Richardson, licensed counselor at Community Behavioral Health

Guided imagery has been linked to the following health benefits:

  • Reduced tension, stress and anxiety
  • Pain relief
  • Lower heart rate and blood pressure
  • Improved sleep
  • Restored sense of calm and motivation

Guided Imagery Videos

Community Health Network has prepared a series of guided imagery videos to help you in your journey. You can do these from the comfort of home whenever needed. Choose voice only or with keyboards or guitar, or incorporate progressive muscle relaxation. The videos focus on breathing and releasing tension, and visualizing positive experiences.

Guided Imagery with Voice
Guided Imagery with Guitar
Guided Imagery with Keyboards
Progressive Muscle with Voice
Progressive Muscle with Guitar
Progressive Muscle with Keyboard