Esophageal Manometry/pH Monitoring

Manometry is a non-sedated procedure that is used to diagnose swallowing disorders and chest pain. A thin tube is passed down the nose and into the esophagus to measure esophageal pressures. A pH test will measure abnormal acid reflux problems.

In a traditional pH test, no sedation is required. A tube is placed down the nose and connected to a receiver that you wear for 24 hours. It records acid levels in your esophagus as you go about your daily life.

A BRAVO pH test is a 48-hour test. A capsule is adhered to the lining of your esophagus and it sends data to a receiver that you wear for 48 hours. The BRAVO does not require a tube going down your nose. The test requires that you not have any food or drink for six hours prior. There is no recovery period. A BRAVO can also be placed with sedation if necessary. In this case, an upper endoscopy is performed and the capsule is placed while sedated. A one-hour recovery period will then be necessary.