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Community Launchpad, VisionTech Partners form collaborative partnership focusing on commercialization of healthcare innovations

For release on February 11, 2015

Indianapolis, IN---Community Launchpad and VisionTech Partners have announced a new partnership to develop and advance healthcare innovations.

“Today, two strong organizations that understand the value of collaboration to advance healthcare innovations through commercialization and startups have come together,” said Pete Turner, vice president of innovation for Community Launchpad. “The collaboration will focus on identifying emerging medical innovations, where both organizations can mutually apply their skills, programs and networks to bring opportunities to the marketplace.”

Community Launchpad is an innovation accelerator and division of Visionary Enterprises, Inc., the wholly-owned, for-profit subsidiary of Community Health Network. VisionTech Partners is an Indianapolis-based company focused on connecting investors to high-potential, early-stage companies. VisionTech Partners’ angel investing arm, VisionTech Angels, has chapters in Indianapolis, Lafayette, Bloomington and Warsaw, as well as a virtual angel group.

“Community Launchpad brings the engaged healthcare providers critical to the process of new innovation,” said Oscar Moralez, managing director of VisionTech Partners. “This partnership will enrich our shared goals of identifying promising opportunities and providing support to advance the commercialization process.”

The agreement includes providing potential pathways to support startup activity, including coaching for entrepreneurs, identifying subject matter expertise, and supporting inventors who are participating in business competitions, seminars and other programs.

“Catalyzing value-added partnerships is a differentiator for Community Launchpad,” said Turner. “As an emerging startup, Launchpad’s ability to expand knowledge and resources through the experience and expertise of VisionTech Partners increases our capacity to improve healthcare delivery and advance our entrepreneurial platform.”

About Community Launchpad
Community Launchpad is the innovation incubator of Community Health Network. Designed as an entrepreneurial epicenter, Community Launchpad fosters a creative work environment for Community Health Network employees, as well as external collaborators such as universities, corporate America and entrepreneurs, to improve the delivery of healthcare for patients. The goal is to develop breakthrough healthcare products and services that will be utilized at Community Health Network and commercialized throughout the healthcare industry. For more information about Community Launchpad, visit eCommunity.com/Launchpad.

About VisionTech Partners, LLC
Founded in 2008, VisionTech Partners is a privately held company focused on linking investors to high-potential early-stage companies. Headquartered in Indianapolis, one of the most vibrant innovation regions in the country, VisionTech Partners is where inventors, entrepreneurs, investors, universities, and strategic partners converge to share, develop, fund, and launch innovative technologies. Learn more at www.VisionTech-Partners.com.


Melanie Lux, VisionTech Partners

Lynda de Widt, Media Relations
Lynda de Widt
Media Relations