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Combat Daytime Drowsiness

Daytime drowsiness, the afternoon slump, daytime fatigue: no matter what you call it, we’ve all had days where our energy is drained by lunchtime. There are a number of causes for low energy levels throughout the day, but thankfully there are some easy steps you can take to help stay alert at work or school.

Sleep Better

It may seem obvious, but your ability to get a good night’s sleep can really take a toll on your energy. If you aren’t getting at least 7.5 hours of sleep each night, you may feel particularly sluggish the next day.

Even if you are getting the proper amount of sleep, what you consume before going to bed can inhibit your ability to rest well. Alcohol and caffeine both disturb your healthy sleep patterns, even if consumed several hours before bedtime. Try cutting out caffeine in the afternoon in order to sleep better at night.

One way to get a boost of energy in the morning is to get out in the sunlight as soon as possible. Exposure to the sun helps you gain alertness. So, open the windows or take a half-hour morning stroll before heading to work or school.

Eat Smarter

Eating healthier is always a benefit to your overall health, but eating smarter can specifically help with your alertness during the day. Make time to eat breakfast; a high-protein meal in the morning stabilizes your blood sugar for a steady energy level throughout the day.

Conversely, eat a smaller lunch to avoid going into a “food coma.” It’s important to avoid mid-day sugar. Sugary snacks might give you a short burst of energy, but you’ll come crashing down quickly.

And don’t forget to drink water regularly throughout the day; staying hydrated is vital for maintaining your brain’s peak performance.

Take a Break

It can be hard to step away from work on a busy day, but if you’re feeling groggy it’s a good way to reenergize. Your eyes become strained from looking at a screen all day, so take a few moments away from your desk to give them a break.

Take a walk to fight off drowsiness. Remember, going outside exposes you to natural sunlight which is good for maintaining energy, and light exercise also helps boost energy.

Regular exercise boosts your mental functions, and keeps you sharp throughout the day by releasing endorphins. If you can’t get away for a walk, take a moment to stretch . It gets your blood pumping.

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