Race track

Don't Bake at the Race

After a long day outside at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, many return home from the track with sunburns atop their heads, shoulders and feet. That red skin isn’t just a reminder of your time at the track — it’s a risk factor for serious health conditions like melanoma. Here’s how you and your skin can have a great day at the track.

Tune Up for the Race

Every pit crew has the right tools on hand for the big race, and you should follow their lead. Grabbing the right sunscreen can prevent the sun from waving the red flag on your day!

Look for a sunscreen with at least 30 SPF for the best coverage. Make sure it’s labeled as “broad-spectrum,” meaning it protects against both UVA and UVB rays. Even better if it’s water-resistant — that means it’s less likely to wash off when you sweat under the hot Memorial Weekend sun.

Apply Before You Fry

Chances are you’ve got everything all sorted out for your day at the track — where you’ll sit, who you’ll meet up with, what you’ll eat. Don’t forget to include sun safety in your plans.

Make sure you apply sunscreen half an hour before leaving the house. You’ll likely be sitting in the parking lot for quite awhile before you can get to your seats. You’ll be well protected since sunscreen has already soaked into your skin.

Take Another Lap

Not including the festivities before the drivers start their engines, the Indy 500 itself lasts around three and a half hours. From the green flag to the checkered flag, you should reapply sunscreen twice.

A single application of sunscreen lasts about two hours. If you feel yourself beginning to burn, go take a walk in the shade and reapply all over your body. You might even want to toss on a lightweight long-sleeved shirt to give your arms better protection.


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