Woman holding painful knee

Knee-Saving Tips

Whether you're out hitting the links or walking the Cultural Trail, the last thing that you want is joint pain keeping you from enjoying your everyday life. Try these simple tips to keep your knees in tip-top shape.

Watch your weight.
Every extra pound you pack on puts about four extra pounds of pressure on your knees when you walk or take the stairs. Once you shed that excess weight, though, symptoms improve - and sometimes even disappear.

Don't bound up and down stairs.
Not only is it a safety issue, but this puts serious stress on your kneecaps.

Don't stroll on the grass.
For older adults, especially those with osteoarthritis or a knee injury, choose sidewalks or worn paths instead of grass or gravel, which put more strain on your knees and up your risk of tripping.

Don't ignore pain.
When pain limits your ability to do what you normally do, have it checked out.

Ouch! I'm in pain.
Don't suffer unnecessary pain and lost mobility. Our dedicated team of orthopedic surgeons and staff can put you, and your joints, at ease. Call 800-777-7775 to register for a Joint Pain Seminar to learn about hip or knee joint replacement surgery options, or to find an orthopedic surgeon.