Mother and father with newborn

Hello Baby! Tell Us How Your Baby Came Into the World

Whether you’re a first-time mom or a parent of older children, maternity and delivery is a time full of wonder, joy and, let’s be honest, some anxiety. You want everything to be perfect, but most of all you want your baby to be healthy.

You might read parenting books, join a pregnancy group on Facebook or talk to your obstetrician about what’s best for baby. Every mother’s experience is unique, but chances are you’ll have questions. Lots of questions.

Expecting mothers trust us to deliver baby

Last year, Community Hospital North welcomed 3,845 babies into the world (more deliveries than any other hospital in the state). That got us wondering…what was the experience like for all those moms and babies?

Here are a few things we know about deliveries at Community Hospital North in 2017:

  • 80 pairs of twins were delivered
  • 3 sets of triplets were delivered
  • 1 set of quadruplets was delivered
  • August – the month when most babies were born
  • 50 percent of the babies were male and 50 percent were female

Tell us your delivery story

We’re honored that so many families trust us to deliver their babies. We want to hear what your experience was like.

If you are a mom who gave birth at Community Hospital North in 2017, please tell us your story. Here’s how:

  • Email a photo and your story to
  • Tell us what was the best part of your delivery experience.
  • Let us know why you chose Community Hospital North for your delivery.
  • Share what is the most surprising thing about becoming a parent.

Selected stories will be featured on the Health Minute blog.