Patient Testimonial

Kelly K.

Kelly K.

Patient Testimonial

Breast Cancer
Community Cancer Center South

1440 E County Line Rd
Indianapolis, IN 46227

Community has saved my life and my baby’s life. They are my angels, and I don’t have the words to thank them.

In November of 2015, Kelly Kaur was five months pregnant with her third child when she was diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer.

Her OB/GYN had discovered a lump at an appointment. An ultrasound showed abnormal growth, and a biopsy performed the same day confirmed a cancer diagnosis. Kelly was immediately connected with Erin Zusan, MD, an MD Anderson Cancer Network® certified physician specializing in breast surgery.

“She was wonderful,” said Kelly. “She took me into a conference room where she and a nurse navigator, Cassie, explained everything to me and answered all of my questions.”

Kelly’s cancer had already spread to her lymph nodes. Anuj Agarwala, MD, an MD Anderson Cancer Network® certified physician practicing medical oncology, determined chemotherapy would be the best approach. Each week, Kelly visited Community Cancer Center South for another round of treatment, as well as to see a fetal maternal medicine specialist to check the progress of her baby.

In the midst of her diagnosis and treatment, Kelly lost her job. Her husband was having to take time off work to care for their two young daughters and Kelly. Fortunately, Community’s Oncology Patient Assistance Fund was there to help, offering the family a $250 voucher that allowed them to purchase much-needed groceries.

“Community is so wonderful,” Kelly said. “Their programs are actually designed to help patients, and their caregivers are so accessible. I didn’t have to wait hours to hear back from anyone, and I always felt like they had my back.”

In February of 2016, Kelly delivered a healthy baby boy. Two weeks later, she was back at Community Cancer Center South continuing chemotherapy. On June 3, she underwent a double mastectomy under the care of Dr. Zusan, who also removed numerous lymph nodes during the surgery.

Since then, Kelly has continued to receive chemotherapy each week, and she has also received another voucher for groceries. Above all, she is grateful for the care she has received.

“Community has saved my life and my baby’s life,” she said. “They are my angels, and I don’t have the words to thank them.”

On February 11, while 1,034 people gather to support cancer patients like Kelly at The Giving Gig, she’ll be at home with her family celebrating a milestone that Community helped make possible—her son’s first birthday.

Kelly K.

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