Patient Testimonial

Patient Testimonial

Joyce Philpot

Breast Cancer
Community Cancer Center East - Medical Oncology

1400 N Ritter Ave, Suite 340
Indianapolis, IN 46219

Whenever I had chemotherapy, I would get the most wonderful well wishes, texts, emails or phone calls from friends and family. I could never make them understand that actually chemo day was the best day of the week.

Joyce found a yolk-sized lump in her breast. She assumed a mastectomy was inevitable. Her primary care doctor recommended Community Cancer Center East. From the beginning, Joyce liked Robert Goulet, MD, and his whole team, but especially the nurse navigator, Natalie.

Joyce was surprised and delighted when she discovered a navigator would be with her throughout treatment. When Dr. Goulet explained Joyce’s diagnosis and treatment plan, she tried to take notes but mostly listened. Natalie sat close by and wrote in her notebook the whole time.

Joyce’s care team decided the best course of action was to start with chemotherapy to shrink the tumor as much as possible. Joyce was shocked that they hadn’t said mastectomy. Dr. Goulet reassured her that protocols had evolved, that the top priority was to “shrink that tumor.” Once the tumor shrank as small as possible, they would perform a lumpectomy, meaning no mastectomy. After surgery, Joyce would undergo a course of radiation.

During one post-chemotherapy visit, Joyce learned that her tumor was, in fact, shrinking. Again, Dr. Goulet mentioned radiation. Joyce was surprised. She had no memory of radiation in her care plan. But there was Natalie, notebook in hand, showing radiation as part of the treatment plan. Joyce remembers that moment with humor and gratitude: Natalie and her trusty notebook.

Whenever she had chemotherapy, Joyce would get the most wonderful well wishes, texts, emails or phone calls from friends and family. She never quite made them understand that chemo day was actually the best day of the week. She felt no discomfort, thanks to a port Dr. Goulet had installed.

Joyce’s chemotherapy treatments included warm blankets, her favorite snack—potato chips—and lots of reassurance from her care team. She felt assured that every member of her team wanted her to feel comfortable with what she had been told and confident moving forward.

Joyce lives within five minutes of Community Cancer Center East. She feels like it’s a close-knit neighborhood with Community Hospital East as its anchor. She’s quick to mention that every person she came in contact with at Community was committed and seemed to love what they do.

Joyce Philpot

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