Getting Started on Specialty Medications

It’s important to know that prescriptions for specialty medications take longer to fill than traditional medications due to added steps and approvals. We’ll walk you through the process and let you know when you can expect your medication.

To get started, simply contact a Community Specialty Pharmacy patient care coordinator (PCC) at 833-636-6392 and we will work with your physician on the rest.

Contact the Specialty Pharmacy

Step 1: Enrollment

First, your physician will e-prescribe, fax or call us with your specialty prescription. After we receive your prescription, one of our pharmacy care coordinators (PCC) will reach out to both you and your physician office to coordinate all the clinical and demographic information that is required for specialty medications. Enrollment is optional, and you may call us at any time to be removed.

Step 2: Insurance Benefits Verification

If your medication requires prior authorization (most specialty medications do), we’ll work with your physician and your insurance provider to get approval and update you on the status.

Step 3: Financial Assistance

The copay amount for a specialty pharmacy medication may still be high, despite having your insurance company pay for most of the cost. We will research various financial assistance programs available to possibly lower your drug therapy cost. 

Step 4: Care Team Support and Education

We provide care services and support through the entire process. You’ll be assigned a dedicated care team with specialists in your condition. They’ll check in to see what you need and how they can help moving forward. They’ll also plan for education/training, home infusions and nursing services, as needed.

Our care team will make sure you have been scheduled for a clinic visit to provide you with the necessary training on how to take your medication, the complete treatment plan, questions on your support medications, meal plans, and potential side effects. We will be with you every step of your way through this transitional care period.

Step 5: Getting Your Medication

Whether you choose delivery or pick-up at Community Specialty Pharmacy, we’ll make sure you get your medication. Getting you the medication you need when you need it is our top priority. You can also track your order along the way, online (coming soon!) or through our mobile app. Our staff members are available to help you along the way.

Step 6: Following Your Progress and Care Plan

Our clinical and care teams will be there at the beginning, through your treatment and following up with you both through clinic and our pharmacy team. We will be checking on your progress, your clinical care team, physicians, nurses, and tracking your outcomes.