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New Parents

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Baby Nursery

Baby nursery photos are now available through SharingSite. To access baby photos, you should have received an e-mail about SharingSite from a new parent. Follow the steps in that e-mail to create a myCommunity account. Then just log in with your username and password to view the SharingSite. You can also register or log in below.

This exciting new program gives patients the opportunity to create a personal Web page to provide loved ones with updates about their stay or experience at Community. It's an ideal way for patients, family and friends to keep in touch - from anywhere in the country.

Examples of ways to use SharingSite:

  • Provide updates on a pregnancy. When baby is born, you can upload photos for visitors to see.
  • Document your recovery process or ongoing care.
  • Add information about conditions or procedures straight from our health library so visitors can learn more.
  • Browse public SharingSites and bookmark your favorites.
  • Leave words of encouragement or notes for a patient.
  • Send a note of thanks to a Community caregiver.

You can rest easy knowing that SharingSite is a secure Web site. And if you prefer, a family member or friend can set up a SharingSite and maintain it on your behalf.

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