Woman in her 20s

Screenings in Your 20s

Every woman is unique—and so is your health history. Talk to your primary care doctor about the specific screenings that are right for you based on your lifestyle and family history.

We make it easy to start the conversation. Download a screenings checklist to take to your next doctor's appointment. Need to make an appointment? Call 317-621-2727.

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Most Common Screenings

Mental health icon
Mental Health

Ensures your mind and body are in tune

Reproductive health icon
Reproductive Health

Checks for cysts, STIs or cancer risks

Pregnancy and childbirth icon
Pregnancy and childbirth

Prepares you for pregnancy, labor and delivery

Welcome, baby! 

Considering pregnancy? From family planning to prenatal care to delivery, we're here to support you and your baby—every step of the way.

We know choosing where you deliver is an important decision. Take a virtual tour of our world-class maternity rooms and units. Each one is designed to make mothers and families feel at home...until you go home. 


Women's Health Screenings at Every Age