If you want an approach to delivery that focuses on minimal intervention you may be interested in a midwife.

Today's midwives give care to women with normal pregnancies and deliveries, collaborating with obstetricians or specialists if complications develop. Midwives concentrate on communication with the pregnant mom and focus on the needs of the family with special attention to the cultural values and personal preferences. Midwifery is a professionally regulated field.

Community Hospital South is one of just a few hospitals that offer midwifery care. The certified nurse midwife (CNM) provides labor support within the comfort and safety of the hospital. The midwife is available around the clock and will provide labor support throughout the birth experience.

The spacious, all private, maternity suites create a perfect setting for natural childbirth. It's especially nice to be able to stay in the same beautiful suite from admission until you go home.

To find a Community midwife, contact County Line Medical Pavilion at 317-497-6333.

What to expect

During your pregnancy, the midwife spends time understanding your lifestyle, likes, dislikes and what you want from the birth experience. Together, as a team, you and your midwife design a birth plan based on your choices.

  • A typical midwifery delivery will have less medical intervention than a tradition delivery. However, if the mother desires or it becomes medically necessary, the midwife has access to pain relief options.
  • Other birthing options include doulas (labor support partners), water labor options, birthing ball, rocker, or squat bar. Your midwife may also order epidurals or episiotomies if you request or if medically necessary.
  • During labor you and your baby are monitored.
  • Should complications arise at any point during the labor process an obstetrician is on call. If circumstance requires the obstetrician is called, the midwife stays involved in the care and provides support throughout the delivery.
  • After the birth of your baby, your midwife will teach you about breastfeeding, infant care, exercise and nutrition—as well as what to expect on return home with your new baby.
  • A follow-up care visit is scheduled with the midwife.

Qualifications of a certified nurse midwife (CNM)

Midwives today are educated licensed professionals who are also registered nurses. They must successfully complete graduate programs as well as a national certification examination to become a certified nurse midwife.

Certified nurse midwives provide well-woman care to women of childbearing age through post-menopause. CNMs not only provide pregnancy, labor and delivery care, but also annual exams, pre-conception and family planning, birth control, mammography, and counseling in wellness and nutrition.