Discover Doulas

An exceptional birth experience for each family is our goal. How this is defined varies from one family to another. We know that childbirth is a milestone event in your life. We want the memories to be good ones!

Some families find the addition of a doula to the healthcare team to be extremely helpful. Doulas are women who are trained in physical, emotional and informational support during the birth process. The doula program at Community Health Network has been in place since 1997, so other members of the healthcare team are familiar and comfortable with the assistance that we provide.

How Do I Get a Doula?

The fee for services is $350. It is usually paid at about 36 weeks into the pregnancy. At that point, the prenatal interview is done with the doula. The doula then becomes an additional resource to you during the end of your pregnancy through phone or email contacts.

During Labor and Delivery

When the mom thinks that labor may be beginning, she calls her doula. Two things happen at that time. The doula can give suggestions on how to work with the labor before going to the hospital. That is also the point when the doula checks her availability. The doula will make every effort to rearrange her schedule to attend the labor and birth, but if that is not possible, another one of our doulas would become available to work with the family. The doula will join the family at the hospital to help throughout the labor and birth experience, including one to two hours following the birth. The completion of services is a follow up visit or phone call to discuss the birth and how events unfolded.

Who Do Doulas Benefit?

A doula is of particular value to families who are considering having the birth without an epidural, but other families may want services to get them as far into their labor as they can before an epidural is placed. Having a doula does not change any of the options available to you for pain management in labor. Doulas are also of benefit to families that are in need of extra support during a time marked not only by joy, but also unusual circumstances that increase the stress of the experience.

Getting started

The doulas of Community Health Network look forward to helping you achieve a rewarding, healthy birth experience. When possible, early contact with us is encouraged. To begin the process, contact Carol Euliss at 317-621-2397. If you’re interested, ask about Natural Labor Discussion, a free one-session class taken in addition to either the "Birth & Baby" or "Childbirth Refresher" class (see class descriptions). We look forward to serving you!