Childbirth and Parenting Classes

COVID-19 Virtual Class Options

Due to COVID-19 concerns and for the safety of our patients, all in-person maternity classes and tours are canceled until further notice.

Virtual classes are now available for the following: Birth & Baby, Childbirth Refresher and Breastfeeding Basics. Please register online below or call 800-777-7775 (choose Option 2). Financial assistance is available; if you need assistance, please have your provider's office contact us.

For more information about childbirth education classes, please email Carol Euliss.

Maternity Tour

If you are not enrolled in the "Birth & Baby" class or the "Siblings" class, this is your opportunity to tour the maternity unit. The tour is free, but please register online or call to reserve space for each person in your party. Note: These tours will be suspended during flu season when flu restrictions are in place - and only virtual tours will be available.

Birth & Baby Express

This is the express version of our classic Birth & Baby series. It’s a one-session class held on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. The same topics will be covered, but the information is basic and fast-paced. Approximately one hour is dedicated to each of the four topics: labor, comfort techniques, medical procedures/Cesarean birth, and postpartum/newborn care. Much of the class is video presentation, followed by Q&A with a registered nurse. Take-home materials include free web access for online learning. Comfort techniques and baby care will include hands-on activities. A tour of the maternity unit is included (except during flu season).

Birth & Baby

"Fantastic course! Worth every penny! GREAT instructor!"

This four-session class is recommended for all first–time parents. The registered nurse instructor will cover the last month of pregnancy, the labor and birth process, relaxation and pain management options, postpartum and care of the newborn. The class INCLUDES A TOUR of the maternity unit (except during flu season when restrictions are in place). Saturday classes are also available.

Breastfeeding Basics

"She was awesome. Really knew her material and is a great communicator."

The lactation consultant will share tips to prepare you for breastfeeding in this one-session class for expectant parents. Yes, dads and partners are encouraged to attend! More about breastfeeding/lactation services.

Expectant Dads Workshop

"Real father talking about real life experiences."

Learn how to be involved with your baby from pregnancy on, help with labor and birth, understand emotions of yourself and mom, and take care of the baby. Taught by pediatrician William Fisher, MD. Light refreshments will be served.

CPR for Parents and Grandparents

"Great class! Very engaging teacher."

This American Heart Association course is taught by a certified CPR instructor. This class is intended for expectant parents, parents and grandparents. The focus of the class is infant and child, but adult CPR will also be addressed. The class also includes valuable safety and prevention information to take home (baby-proofing your home, etc.).

Childbirth Refresher

"Great - loved Carol!"

Expecting another baby? This one-session class doesn’t just “refresh” your memory of your previous childbirth class. You’ll discover how your body will experience pregnancy, birth and postpartum differently this time around. The registered nurse educator will also update you on changes in maternity care since your last baby and offer tips on preparing older children.


"Very interactive and easy for child to understand."

Created especially for brothers- and sisters–to–be! This single-session class is geared for the 3-8 year old. The one-hour class celebrates their new role and gives them a peek at life with the new baby. The open house format includes a short video and several hands-on activities with their parents. A TOUR IS INCLUDED to help prepare them for mom’s hospital stay. Note: Siblings classes will be suspended during flu season and only virtual tours will be available.

Natural Labor Discussion

"Great job! Encouraging and also realistic."

This free one-session class is a place to ask questions for those who are interested in birth using minimal medical intervention at Community. Call 317-621-2397 to register.