Breastfeeding Services

To ensure the health and safety of our patients, in-person breastfeeding support groups are canceled and breastfeeding drop-in centers (East and Howard) are closed until further notice. Please contact a lactation consultant office if you need assistance.

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Nursing your baby is more than providing a meal; it’s a wonderful way to bond with and comfort your baby. Plus, it’s a healthy thing to do! Studies have shown breastfeeding prevents many childhood illnesses and reduces the risk of certain cancers for mom. Extensive research has established that breast milk is the superior method of feeding your baby.

We are committed to the promotion, support and protection of breastfeeding. Our international board-certified lactation consultants are here to help you establish and maintain breastfeeding. From your prenatal classes to pumping supplies and support groups, you’ll find Community Health Network is a comprehensive resource for all your breastfeeding needs.

Call any of these lactation offices for more information:

  • Community Hospital Anderson: 765-298-5424
  • Community Hospital East: 317-355-2345
  • Community Hospital North: 317-621-5380
  • Community Hospital South: 317-887-7927
  • Community Howard: 765-776-5810


“Breastfeeding Basics” is a one-session class for expectant parents. A lactation consultant will share helpful information to prepare you for the breastfeeding experience. Dad or a support person plays an important role in the breastfeeding experience and is encouraged to attend as well! Click here to register online, or call 800-777-7775.

Support options

Community offers in-hospital breastfeeding support starting moments after delivery, one-on-one support consultations after discharge, online Facebook support groups, and ongoing breastfeeding support groups for moms and babies. Groups are perfect for all your questions and help with pumping.

Breastfeeding Support Options

Breastfeeding supplies

In addition to pumping kits, FigLeaf Boutique offers a full complement of breastfeeding supplies, including lanolin, hydrogels, milk storage bags, pump cleaning supplies and more.

Lactation consultants

Community's lactation consultants are international board certified allied health care providers who possess the necessary skills, knowledge and attitudes to facilitate breastfeeding. With a focus on preventive health care, they encourage self-care and decision-making prenatally and postnatally.

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Milk bank depots

Three Community hospitals are home to an Indiana Mothers' Milk Bank milk depot. Breast milk donors can drop off their milk at these locations. When a mother's own milk is not available, pasteurized donor human milk is dispersed by prescription or hospital order primarily to premature infants in hospital neonatal intensive care units. If you would like to donate, visit

Community Hospital North

If you are already a donor and need to schedule a milk drop-off at Community North, please call the lactation office at 317-621-5380.

Community Hospital Anderson

If you are already a donor and need to schedule a milk drop-off at Community Anderson, please call the lactation office at 765-298-5424.

Community Howard

If you are already a donor and need to schedule a milk drop-off at Community Howard, please call Maternal and Child Health services at 765-776-5810.