Bridge Program

Specific guidance and training is offered to individuals who desire to improve their overall wellness, movement and functional performance post-injury. The Bridge Program uses Functional Movement Screen™ (FMS) to assess movement patterns and provides conditioning that eases individuals back into their desired top form with more confidence.

Certified athletic trainers work with a client's physical therapist or physician to help them regain their level of function prior to injury. Athletic trainers offer this service in our Stones Crossing Health Pavilion Physical Therapy and Rehab location equipped with an indoor basketball court, batting cage, golf area, volleyball and tennis court.

The program begins with an initial session where clients meet their treating athletic trainer, establish goals and complete baseline testing. During this time, clients have the opportunity to purchase corrective equipment specific to their goal achievement. Clients are encouraged to continue with the program through individual or package sessions at 30, 45, or 60 minutes.

Schedule a Session

To schedule your Bridge Program sessions or for more information, call Stones Crossing Health Pavilion Physical Therapy and Rehab at 317-535-4075.