Aqua Therapy

Community Sports Medicine and Community Physical Therapy and Rehab at Stones Crossing Health Pavilion offers pool based non-impact performance training sessions. The Hydroworx®pool is a non-impact training tool for physically active patients and athletes who want to continue their performance enhancement journey. This aquatic environment can also be used for individuals with an injury that prevents them from participating in impact activity. The program, managed by certified athletic trainers, allows individuals of all ages to engage in training activities just like the pros!

These sessions may include cardio and resistance training as well as speed, agility and quickness drills. In addition, underwater cameras are used for visual feedback to monitor and review performance movement patterns.

The program begins with an initial session where patients will meet with a certified athletic trainer to establish goals and orient to the pool.

Schedule a Session

To schedule aqua therapy sessions please contact Stones Crossing Health Pavilion Physical Therapy and Rehab at 317-535-4075.