Sleep Wake Services

Sleep Wake Services

Diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders in adults and children, including sleep apnea, insomnia and snoring. Now offering at-home sleep testing. Talk to your doctor about being referred for a sleep study today.


Sleep study at home

If you'd rather stay in the comfort of your own home for a sleep test, you can! Get more information about home sleep testing for sleep apnea, insomnia and more. Talk to your doctor about a referral today!


At Community Health Network's sleep wake services, we diagnose and help treat sleep problems and disorders in adults and kids—including insomnia, sleep apnea, snoring, narcolepsy and restless leg syndrome (RLS)—to help each patient enjoy better health and return to the activities that are most important to them.

We offer home sleep testing, sleep lab studies and special accommodations for pediatric sleep testing.

To help patients better understand their potential out-of-pocket costs for sleep services, including in-lab and home based sleep testing, we have put together average cost amounts.

Sleep Services Cost Information

Home Sleep Study
With a home sleep study, you can sleep at home with a wireless portable device that monitors your sleep in all positions. A home sleep study is convenient and costs less than a traditional lab study.
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Sleep Center Lab Test
Stay overnight in our hotel-like sleep centers where special equipment monitors sleep patterns and brain activity - to help diagnose common sleep disorders such as apnea and insomnia.
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Pediatric Sleep Disorders Care
For kids who need a sleep study or sleep monitoring, we offer diagnosis and treatment of pediatric sleep disorders, including sleep apnea, insomnia, ADHD-related issues, excessive sleep and more.
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Sleep Disorders

Common sleep problems include sleep apnea/snoring, insomnia, restless legs syndrome (RLS), periodic limb movement disorder (PLMD) and narcolepsy. Our sleep center specialists can help diagnose and treat all of these and more.

Common Sleep Disorders