Healthy Aging Transition Services (HATS)

Touchpoint Healthy Aging Transition Services—or HATS—is a geriatric consult clinic designed to help you, as an older adult, successfully navigate through the aging process. Our team will help you to create a care plan that focuses on keeping you safe and independent, while assuring peace of mind.

Touchpoint HATS is a part of Community Physician Network, the team includes a geriatricians supported by a full care team. We do not replace your primary care provider, but work together to support your goal of healthy aging.

You may be referred by a physician, a family member, friend, caregiver, or can make a self-referral. Most major insurances cover this service as a specialist physician visit, please check with your insurance first if you have questions.

HATS Services

Touchpoint HATS flyerDuring our assessment we can help with:

  • Recognizing when you might benefit from our services
  • Are your memory changes normal
  • Depression and/or mood changes
  • Falls and mobility concerns
  • Concerns about ability to do daily activities
  • Medication review and counseling
  • Concerns about your safety at home
  • Concerns about your caregivers’ ability to safely care for you
  • Connecting you with the appropriate referrals and community-based support

Download HATS Flyer (shown at right)
*Updated December 2020

Your Visits

First Visit

During the first visit, which can last between two and three hours, the patient receives a comprehensive geriatric assessment by the team, including a psychosocial evaluation, as well as a review of all medications. Additional testing, such as lab work or imaging, may be ordered as needed. For patients with cognitive impairment, tests will be conducted with the patient to assess details of the patient’s memory problems for further planning. Medical interventions will be made if necessary during this visit.

Second Visit

The patient and family are invited back for a case conference in the second visit, during which the results of the team assessment and findings are discussed. Recommendations for plan of care are then determined and implemented based on the patient and family/caregiver’s goals and wishes. The patient’s primary care physician is updated about the team’s recommendation. Follow-up appointments, in coordination with the primary care physician, will be arranged as needed.

  • During any visit, our social worker is available to you to provide assistance with information on desired services and obtaining community resources.
  • Our clinicians are credentialed with all the major insurance providers, and most insurers pay for this service. Please contact your insurance company to verify coverage.

Our staff is trained to evaluate and address patient and family/caregiver needs as well as to work with the patient's primary care physician to obtain any needed services and resources for maintaining an optimum level of health. Our goal is to exceed patient expectations by providing exceptional experience and care.

Meet the Team

Contact HATS

Please contact a HATS clinic location, Monday - Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., for more information. E-mail HATS >>

To schedule a clinic appointment, please call 317-621-4657. Physician referral forms may be faxed to 317-355-8750.

Community Hospital East
Professional Building
1400 N. Ritter Ave., Suite 231
Indianapolis, IN 46219
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Phone: 317-355-7744
Fax: 317-355-8750

Community Health Pavilion Noblesville
9669 E. 146th Street, Suite 250A
Noblesville, IN 46060
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Phone: 317-621-4657
Fax: 317-355-8750

Community Physician Network, Family Care
3850 S. Emerson Ave, Suite C
Beech Grove, IN 46107
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