Physical Therapy and Rehab

Physical Therapy and Rehab

With 19 locations across Central Indiana, Community Physical Therapy and Rehab can meet your physical rehabilitation needs at a convenient location for you. Our highly trained therapists can treat conditions resulting from an injury, illness or surgery; we treat all ages for orthopedic, neurological, speech and hearing or balance conditions.


Do you have an ache, pain or sports injury that won’t go away?

Schedule an appointment for a physical therapy evaluation at one of 19 convenient locations - you don't need a doctor's referral! Saturday hours now offered at County Line and Noblesville locations.


Community Physical Therapy and Rehab therapists are trained to treat a wide range of diagnoses in patients from pediatrics to geriatrics. Patients may be recovering from an injury, illness or surgical procedure that requires therapeutic treatment. Patients can choose from physical therapists, occupational therapists, or speech and hearing experts who will provide an individualized treatment plan based on your condition. Therapy is an effective treatment for joint pain, back pain, neck pain, muscle sprains and strains, incontinence, pelvic pain, lymphedema and many other health conditions.

To help patients better understand their potential out-of-pocket costs for therapy, we have put together average cost amounts for physical, occupational and speech therapy.

Therapy Cost Information

To schedule an appointment for a physical therapy evaluation, please call 317-355-7868 (PTOT).

Physical Therapy
Physical therapy provides a variety of rehabilitation treatments to address an individual’s movement issues, pain, strength and endurance in recovery from illness, injury or surgery.
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Occupational Therapy
Occupational therapists focus on improving motor, sensory, cognition and behavioral functioning to help people return to their lives. This may include independence in the home, work, school or play.
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Speech Therapy
Speech-language therapists provide services for children with speech and language delays to improve speech impairments and language comprehension.
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Pediatric Therapy
Pediatric services include physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy to address orthopedic injuries, neurological issues, motor delays, mobility problems and more.
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Neuro Specialty Program
The Neuro Specialty Program provides outpatient treatment for adults with acquired neurological disorders to help them return to independent living.
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Physical Therapy and Rehab Locations

Exercise Your Freedom

You don't need a physician referral for physical therapy.

If you are struggling with an ache or pain that is affecting your everyday or recreational activities—and rest, ice or over-the-counter medications are not helping—it may be time to seek an evaluation and treatment from a physical therapist. Physical therapists are highly trained in evaluation and treatment of a variety of orthopedic conditions.

To schedule an appointment, just call 317-355-7868 or request an appointment online!

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During your first visit, the therapist will evaluate your condition to determine the appropriate level of care you need. If necessary, the physical therapist will refer you to your primary care, sports medicine or orthopedic physician based on the findings of the evaluation.

In most cases, an individual is seeking physical therapy for conditions related to pain in the muscles, bones or joints. The condition may be the result of an injury, surgery or arthritis. Most individuals respond very well to therapy to restore balance, strength and function.

Our physical therapists work collaboratively with your physician to keep them informed of your condition and treatment.