Hip and Knee Joint Replacement

Center for Joint Health

The Center for Joint Health is a specialized unit at Community Hospitals North, East, South and Howard/Kokomo dedicated to hip and knee joint replacement patients. The unit focuses on the entire patient experience, with the goal of getting patients back to doing the things they enjoyed before being sidelined by joint pain.

Alongside a joint care coordinator, physical therapist, nurse and social worker, patients are navigated through the surgical and rehabilitation process from beginning to end - including their transition out of the unit and back home.

Questions About Hip and Knee Pain?

Joint Pain Dinner Seminars

Looking for relief from joint pain? Join Community's orthopedic surgeons and joint care coordinators to learn about the latest in non-surgical and surgical treatment options for shoulder, hip or knee pain. Classes are free!

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Certified in total hip and total knee replacement by The Joint CommissionExcellence in Hip and Knee Care

Community Hospitals North and East are certified in total hip and knee replacement by The Joint Commission.

Hip and knee replacement changed their lives

Learn how care at the Center for Joint Health after knee and hip replacement surgery helped improve the quality of life for Greta, Marian and Victor.


At the Center for Joint Health we give our patients the tools and education they need to progressively remove chronic joint pain and replace it with a higher standard of living.

  • Specialized unit dedicated to patients having knee or hip joint replacement surgery
  • Experienced and skilled orthopedic surgeons using advanced, minimally-invasive surgical techniques
  • Dedicated Joint Care Coordinator who manages patient care and discharge
  • Staff who specialize in the care of patients having total joint replacement surgery
  • Positive and motivating wellness environment
  • Complete educational program with patient guidebook
  • Family and friends serve as “coaches”
  • Individual and group physical therapy and rehabilitation
  • Lunches with coaches and staff
  • Daily activities newsletter
  • Complete after-care support program
  • Reunion gatherings with former patients
  • Spacious and comfortable private patient rooms
  • Attractive and relaxing activities rooms
  • Free educational seminars about joint pain and joint replacement surgery
  • 24-hour room service
  • Pet therapy
  • Free valet parking
  • Free concierge service