General Orthopedics

Hip and Knee Pain Dinner Seminar

You're invited on April 27 to a FREE dinner and to learn from Community orthopedic surgeon, Zach Ongwijitwat, MD, about the latest non-surgical and surgical treatment options for your hip and knee pain. Additionally, our Joint Care Coordinator will share what to expect when having hip or knee joint replacement surgery at Community's Center for Joint Health.

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What We Treat

Our orthopedic and sports medicine team along with our pediatric specialist provide nonsurgical and surgical treatment for general orthopedic conditions, as well as sports medicine. Our group is subspecialized to treat:

  • Arthroscopic surgery (arthroscopy)
  • Hand, wrist and elbow
  • Interventional pain control
  • Joint replacement
  • Knee, foot and ankle
  • Medical litigation
  • Occupational medicine / workers' compensation
  • Pediatric orthopedics
  • Shoulder
  • Spine and back
  • Sports medicine

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The majority of acute orthopedic injuries are better treated sooner than later. Waiting too long can make a condition worse, leading to longer recovery. Call 317-621-TEAM (8326) if you have been injured. We make every attempt to see people with urgent needs or acute injuries on the same day as their initial call.