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When everyday activities are affected by an orthopedic condition, turn to the experts at Community for a proper diagnosis and treatment plan. Whether you have a new or chronic condition with your musculoskeletal system, our orthopedic specialists will help you navigate your way back to what’s important to you. To schedule an appointment with a specialist, please call 317-621-2727.


Online Hip and Knee Pain Seminars

Hip or knee pain? Watch our seminar to learn the latest in joint replacement surgery options from an orthopedic surgeon and how Community's Center for Joint Health improves lives. Hear from our fellowship-trained joint replacement specialists and our joint care coordinators about what to expect when having hip or knee joint replacement surgery.


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Community Physician Network Orthopedic Specialty Care is the Central Indiana area’s expert team for diagnosing and treating the full spectrum of orthopedic conditions. Our orthopedic surgeons are highly trained in general orthopedics, as well as their specific fields, making them the specialists of choice for everything: back, neck or joint pain, sprains, tears and strains, joint replacement, fractures, arthritis and more. Our dedicated hip and knee joint replacement unit, the Center for Joint Health, gets patients struggling with hip and knee pain back to enjoying life before joint pain.

General Orthopedics
Our orthopedic and sports medicine team along with our pediatric specialist provide non-surgical and surgical treatment for general orthopedic conditions.
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Hip and Knee Joint Replacement
Community's Center for Joint Health helps navigate patients through joint surgery and the rehabilitation process - to get back to a higher standard of living at home.
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Spine, Neck and Back Pain
Options for treating spine, beck and back pain include cervical, thoracic and lumbar surgery, as well as non-surgical methods.
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Sports Medicine
Our sports medicine physicians, athletic trainers and therapists are dedicated to treating sports and orthopedic injuries in athletes so they can get back in the game.
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Shelbourne Knee Center
Indiana’s only knee specialty center offers both surgical and non-surgical treatment for knee injuries and conditions for patients of all ages.
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Orthopedics/Joint/Spine Locations

Hip Preservation

A Community Orthopedic Specialty Care physician that specializes in hip preservation will reshape and repair the hip joint structure. This minimally-invasive procedure is an alternative to hip replacement surgery, especially for younger adults. This treatment applies to femoroacetabular impingement (FAI), labral tears, hip dysplasia, trochanteric bursitis, lateral snapping hip, and hip arthritis in young, active patients.

Unlike total hip replacement, hip resurfacing arthroplasty, the femoral head is not removed. Instead, the femoral head is trimmed and capped with a smooth metal covering. The damaged bone and cartilage within the socket is removed and replaced with a metal shell, just as in a traditional total hip replacement.

Meet Our Hip Preservation Specialist

Walk-In Clinic

Area student athletes and weekend warriors have an option for recent sports and orthopedic injuries - no appointment needed! See a sports medicine physician Monday through Saturday from 8 to 10 a.m. on the Community Hospital North campus. 

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