Epilepsy and Seizure Disorders

For individuals who have experienced a seizure or been diagnosed with epilepsy, the need to understand the condition is as great as the actual treatment. Patients with epilepsy or seizures may feel isolation, fear, anxiety and confusion. There is a strong need to gain a better understanding of seizures and why they happen. Is it a lifelong condition or a one-time event?

The physicians and clinician experts at Community Health Network will help patients achieve a more productive life through the diagnosis, treatment and ongoing management of epilepsy and brain and nerve disorders. The process may be a short or long journey as diagnostic tests are performed and interpreted. The results will provide a personalized treatment plan based on test results and physician collaboration.

Diagnostic Testing

Epilepsy can be treated at Community Hospitals East, North and South. To start the referral process, please call 317-621-2727.