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Neurosurgery / Neurology / Spine

Community Neuroscience Services provides the diagnosis and treatment of the nervous system and brain, including their function, illnesses and injury. Common conditions treated include back pain, spine pain, brain tumors, spinal cord injuries, seizures, strokes and other neurological disorders that may require neurosurgical treatment.


Have hand tremors?

Neuravive treatment to improve essential tremor symptoms is now available at Community Hospital North. Schedule a consultation today!


Community neurosurgeons use advanced technologies and minimally-invasive surgical options to treat diseases and conditions that affect the brain, spine and peripheral nerves, such as disc herniation, spine and brain tumors, brain trauma and more.
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Neurosurgical Back, Neck and Spine Care
Community neurosurgeons are specially trained to treat individuals with back, neck or spine conditions. Their training encompasses diagnosis and non-surgical and surgical treatment for spine disorders or injuries.  
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Neurosurgical Brain Care
Neurosurgeons provide care and treatment of brain disorders, including brain tumors, brain trauma, tremors, Parkinson's disease or chronic pain issues.
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We provide a full range of neurological services to treat brain and nerve disorders and conditions, including stroke, headaches, movement disorders, seizure disorders and more.
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Community's hospitals are Primary Stroke Centers that meet the highest national standards for standardized stroke care.
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Epilepsy and Seizure Disorders
We can help you achieve a more productive life through the diagnosis, treatment and ongoing management of epilepsy and brain and nerve disorders.
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Neurosurgery / Neurology / Spine Locations


Community Health Network's expert neurosurgeons treat conditions such as back pain, spine pain, brain tumors, spinal cord injuries, neck pain, and other neurological disorders.

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